Deploying app on domain path using cloudflare tunnel

I was successfully able to expose the locally hosted chibisafe using the subdomain
by setting the following in the cloudflared config

  - hostname:
    service: http://localhost:24424
  - service:

**but now I want to host it on the main domain with path like **

and I changed the cloudfalred config to

  - hostname:
    path: /chibisafe
  - service:

but now I get 404 error, I was told that it is cloudflared issues
I was told not sure if cloudflare removes the /chibisafe path from the request once it proxies
But yeah basically you have to rewrite the request and remove /chibisafe before passing it to the chibi stack

I don’t know how to do this, any help would be greatly appreciated

This is correct. Cloudflared is going to server requests that are to fromservice: and then fallback to

Your best bet is running something like nginx that does the path rewriting.

I really don’t know how that can be done but I have apache2 server running, can it be done with it ?
if you can guide in the right direction then that would be great

Yes, Apache is capable of it. Check out something like

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only the 5th solution makes sense, but the solution seems to be for the subdomains.

My app chibisafe and others are running on docker container

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