Deploying a Static Site via Existing CICD Platform

Just getting started with Cloudflare, having used Akamai in past lives. At this moment, I have a Jekyll-built static site that I’d like to deploy to Cloudflare. I looked at pages, but they seem to have their own build/deploy process and I really want to keep this project on my existing platform (Travis) because that’s where everything else lives and I don’t want to fragment my developer experience.

In due time, I expect to host dev, staging, and production on Cloudflare’s CDN, but I’d like to do so using my existing toolkit and just push the generated static files out in a simple scp- or rsync-like fashion.

What’s the right approach for something like this?


Currently, you can’t copy files to Cloudflare pages. Pages will only serve what it builds.

Well, ■■■■.

Depending on your current pipeline you can make a bash script for deployment.

That sounds like it might be what I’m after! If I can script it, it suggests that there is a path. Would you mind saying more words about that? Or pointing me to an example?

I was just starting to look at wrangler yesterday, but haven’t gotten very far yet.

You can just write your build process into a bash script then for your deployment step in Pages you would just have it run that script. Might not be what you are looking for but it is a hacky workaround.

Ah, yeah. I was desperately hoping not to be forced to use cloudflare as my build tool. Alas.

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