Deploy Worker to Domain Root?

Rookie question here - how do I deploy a worker to a domain root?

I’m trying to map a client’s (root) domain to a URL on our server.

I know how to deploy a worker via CNAME, but that won’t work on root.

What am I missing? Maybe there’s some workaround?

Our server + client are both on CloudFlare; we’re on some paid version, unsure which, if it matters.

You need to set up Routes and create your worker:

I think the catch is that it’s two different domains, possibly not in the same Cloudflare account.

The other catch is that it sounds like they’re trying to map to a Worker at

If that’s the case, then I believe the first requirement would be to Route that worker at Then you’ll still have the problem of trying to CNAME from one domain into your own Cloudflare account.

Exactly - @sdayman - that is correct.
I am trying to map