Deploy page with vuejs project throw error: No Pages config file found

The page is worked before. today I push new code to github, it throw error: No pages config file found.

09:18:46.119 Using v2 root directory strategy
09:18:46.144 Success: Finished cloning repository files
09:18:48.175 ✘ [ERROR] No Pages config file found
09:18:48.179 :wood: Logs were written to /root/.config/.wrangler/logs/wrangler-2024-04-10_01-18-47_906.log
09:18:48.189 No wrangler.toml file found
09:18:48.343 Detected the following tools from environment: [email protected], [email protected]
09:18:48.695 Preparing [email protected] for immediate activation…
09:18:50.741 npm ERR! store-dir is not a valid npm option
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We’ll be changing this to not throw an error hopefully today, you can ignore it for now. It won’t cause the build to fail (as you can see, it did continue).


I was able to solve it by adding wrangler.toml file to my project with the following sample content:

name = "project-name"
pages_build_output_dir = "./dist"

API_KEY = "1234567asdf"

Reference: Configuration · Cloudflare Pages docs

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