Deploy Next with cloudflare pages not working

I have followed the starter guides for deploying nextjs site on Cloudflare pages now that it supports nextjs edge runtime.

and here:

Sadly It does not work

The app is the basic starter app, nothing more.
All I get is a 404 on the project deployed URL.

There is a build error related to: @cloudflare/next-on-pages/

SyntaxError: Unexpected token (200:9601)(/opt/buildhome/.npm/_npx/1571/lib/node_modules/@cloudflare/next-on-pages/dist/index.js:3057:13)

Looks like an issue with Cloudflare/next-on-pages not being ready for usage yet?

Can anyone help?

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I get the same error.

EDIT: It seems it’s tracked on Next.js 13 · Issue #9 · cloudflare/next-on-pages · GitHub

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