Deploy 6.8G of old style MDN documents to the platform

Hi, MDN has recently changed the style of its website, which is a controversial matter and has caused some discussion. ref: Bring back the old design · Issue #5364 · mdn/yari · GitHub

The community has made positive improvements regarding the new style, but some people still prefer the old style.
So I tried to build the old style MDN, and tried to deploy it to the Jamstack platform
The English-only documentation was only deployed successfully on Netlify, and the Cloudflare Page supports up to 20K assets.

I built a multi-language version yesterday, and this time Netlify didn’t work either, I have submitted help to the Netlify community, not get response yet.

I trust Cloudflare, and I hope Cloudflare Pages becomes a trusted choice for developers.

Can the Cloudflare team help solve this problem?