Denylist from server (hulu, iplayer etc)

I note that my iOS WARP client requests config from the server. e.g.

Are there feature-creep plans to offer a UI to clients to add their own entries to the denylist? I initially thought I could use this to block unwanted (tracking) traffic from apps, but on reflection now assume this would still permit the traffic, but just route it outside of WARP.

AdBlock becomes impossible when my VPN slot is occupied by Are there plans to give us other ways of reducing unnecessary network traffic?

I don’t speak for Cloudflare, and only they can say for sure, but I’m pretty sure the won’t offer any blocking features in One of their descriptions said they won’t redirect or filter DNS queries.

Thanks sdayman. Ironic then that they are already filtering… :wink:

What are they filtering?

I assume, items in that denylist. Although, to be fair, I have no evidence.

Oh, now I get it. Those all look like services that limit by geography. I wonder what that “Visible: true” setting actually does.

Dunno. But there’s one visible:false too. Oh, and there is some variation in the list when trying different identifiers in place of the v0

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