Denic Unexpected RCODE (target, entity, RCODE)

domain : xenosi-de
please check this issue.
thank you.


|Error|901|Unexpected RCODE (target, entity, RCODE)

  • kira-ns-cloudflare-com./2606:4700:50:0:0:0:a29f:26c5:53
  • xenosi-de

nslookup xenosi-de kira-ns-cloudflare-com
서버: kira-ns-cloudflare-com

*** kira-ns-cloudflare-com이(가) xenosi-de을(를) 찾을 수 없습니다. Query refused

That usually happens when the zone does not exist on the desired nameservers. :thinking:

Did you run through the entire zone setup and does it have DNS records configured?

Customer support solved it.
Thank you!

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