Denial of access to a regular site

I’ve accessed for years and still get the e-mail notifications.

Suddenly I get denied access by Cloudflare for some reason.

Never used the site much anyway but I would like to know what’s happened.

RI no. is 70908cede9eb405d

You should contact the site administrator with the Ray ID(s) and any other relevant information.

Looking at the search results in Google, that’s a somewhat questionable site… Likely, a violation of Cloudflare’s acceptable use policies. is a down load site to try out software. Accessed it for years on and off. Never a big user and it’s one of hundreds of alternatives.
Why has Cloudflare suddenly been brought into it?
Who’s denying me access? Cloudflare and/or free4pc?
I’m just curious- I don’t need to use free4pc and that site is still sending me e-mails about new programs to try. So what’s going on?
How do I contact the site administrator? I’d like to know.

The site owner has put a rule in place that has blocked you, Cloudflare can’t tell you why or change that rule.


Thanks for the reply.
Not a problem - but I wouldn’t mind contacting

free4pc administration to find out why?
I’m very curious that’s all. Amused even.
I was never a big user of that site anyway.
So why suddenly put a block on me?



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