Demo of how CF mitigates DDoS

I wish to set up security for my API Node Server arround DDoS

I found an article on your site which is useful.
I’m a newbie to CF wondering if a video is available that demonstrates how a DDoS attack is handled and alerted.

I am not quite sure for a demo. You might have to contact Cloudflare for that request.

There are topics here where users shared they Firewall Events and Analytics where it can be seen when Cloudflare notified them via e-mail and similar, like applying the challenge for the requests, activating I am under an attack option, etc.

From Developers docs:

Cloudflare’s automated DDoS protection systems constantly analyze traffic and generate real-time signatures to mitigate attacks across the network and application layers. These mitigations are automatically enabled for all customers across all plans.

Few articles here:

From Cloudflare Learning Center:

Manual way to do it by using Cloudflare security & protection options:

Furthermore, may I suggest you reading articles from the below:

Quora answers have some good information too:

But, nevertheless here are few cool videos I would like to share with you:


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