Deliver Email Failure Notifications after Website Transfer

After transferring the the client’s website to Cloudways, she consistently receives around 50 notifications per day about email delivery failure (“the delivery was not completed. there was a temporary problem delivering your message”).
All the Wordpress emails work (for the main working email ( for example: [email protected]), and delivery is always successful.
But there is an issue with another email, which for years had the only purpose (as far I know) - is to be the email receiver in Contact Form 7 plugin, and this email is under another domain - example: [email protected]) and my client doesn’t have access to it.
Since the website has been transfered, every day my client receives tons of emails that the delivery to the second mail was incomplete (we don’t care about the secondary mail, but we want to get rid of tons of mails she receives).
After consulting with one of support members from Cloudways, I have changed the email receiver to the main client’s email in Contact Form 7, but she still receives tons of delivery failure notifications about the same secondary email that isn’t set up in Contact Form 7 anymore.
Since it happens after the website transfer, my guess is there is something that needs to be changed in DNS records. During the website transfer, I didn’t make any changes to the MX records. The domain is going through the Cloudflare.
Is there something you can advice me or to do from your part?

Can you share the actual contents of these non delivery reports?

If you can share the actual error code(s)/message(s) from these non delivery reports, we might be able to point you towards where the problem is, and what can eventually be done in order to mitigate it.


Hi and thanks for your reply.

The sender is “Mail Delivery Subsystem” and the message is:
“Delivery incomplete.
There was a temporary problem delivering your message to [email protected] . Gmail will retry for 45 more hours. You’ll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.”

Also, the client complains that the for for last few days notifications from her website go to clients’ spam boxes. I don’t see any connection between the website migration and spam, maybe this is the problem she didn’t pay attention to earlier.

Now, for years there was also email forwarding from X Gmail box to Y, so that she received website notifications to the both email boxes. Since the transfer, it was interrupted.
My guess is there is something went wrong in Gmail during the transfer (when transferring my own website, I also needed to reinstall SMTP settings (App Passwords on Gmail) for some reason).

Does someone have an idea what did go wrong?


Is that domain from the screenshot your client’s, @user86121?

Normally, the error code (with Gmail) would be there if you scroll down in that view of the screenshot, and could say something like e.g. “550 5.1.1 <[email protected]>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table

However, according to the screenshot, a message was sent towards the domain name from her Gmail, however, that domain expired on 2024-02-19, which is roughly two months ago, and which typically indicate that the renewal fee wasn’t paid (in time).

It looks like that domain name is currently put up for sale.

The current configuration of the DNS for that domain name does NOT have any MX records, which is the first priority, when attempting to send email to the domain.

The current A/AAAA record(s) that the domain has, which are used for fallback, if there are no MX records, are similarly NOT listening to inbound mail traffic either.

So long story short, - the domain is NOT currently configured for in a way that would allow anyone to send email to addresses.

If your client recognize that email address, and that she has been trying to send a message to it, - thee are two optios:

  1. She has one (or more) typo’s with the recipient email address.

  2. The recipient is no longer available on that domain.

If your client out of sudden started to receive a lot of such non delivery reports, even when she have sent out any messages recently on her own, that may be a strong indication that someone else has access to her account, and may be sending out messages through her account…

If your client does not recognize the email address, or any other similarly mentioned addresses, as one she has been trying to email, typically within the past 120 hours (5 days) from the reception of the above non delivery report, I would take a closer look at her Gmail account, as if it has been compromised, and take the necessary steps to secure the account (change password, activate two-factor authentication, … et al).

That sounds like a very complex set up, and likely with little to no positive gain at all.

Is this done using solely using free “” addresses?

Or are the involved email addresses using one or more custom domain(s), such as e.g. “”?

If custom domain name(s) are involved, we would need those, as well a list of DNS record(s) for those domain name(s), in order to be able to dig deeper about that.

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