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I use siteground and use cloudflare through their hosting service (rather than directly). That means my nameservers are set to siteground’s. Currently there is a cname in cpanel that links cloudflare and siteground together, however, I have heard that it is better to link cloudflare directly rather than through a hosting service. Is this true?

My issue is basically that my website right now has 2 redirects. From to and then to I would want only one redirect. Yes, SSL is on and I enforce HTTPs using sitegrounds cpanel. A developer friend of mine is of the opinion that the 2 redirects are happening because I am using cloudflare via siteground. Could this be true? And if so, how do I deactivate cloudflare on siteground? Should I just press the deactivate button available (and everything should be fine)? Will that also allow me to go to cloudflare’s DNS settings and then add those DNS to my domain registrar? Right now when I go to cloudflare and go to DNS settings, it says manage your DNS settings on siteground. I am hoping deactivating cloudflare from siteground will delink the two and allow me to view cloudflares own DNS which I can then manually add to my domain.

Sorry for several questions, but I have been having this issue for a while and as a last resort, I thought I might ask the helpful community here.

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The 2 redirects have nothing to do with Cloudflare or Siteground. It’s because you’re not typing in the canonical URL for your site. Many heavy hitters use ‘www’ for their canonical URL. Take BBC for example:

If I were to type in to my browser, it first redirects to https, and then redirects to www. If I typed in https and www, there wouldn’t be any redirects.

However, if you look at my search result, the search engine knows the canonical URL for BBC and sends me there immediately.

I suspect you’re concerned about the two redirects because some test told you it was bad. It’s not bad. Humans don’t care if there are two instantaneous redirects they will hardly notice, and search engines know the canonical URL for your website.

First of all thank you for your reply sdayman!

I appreciate it. Yes pageinsights said that it is “bad” to have 2 or more redirects. Yes, you are correct that humans usually do not notice since it happens so fast. My canonical url is set to
It is set to this on yoast and on wordpress settings as well.

Could you still however shed some light on the dns query? If i am to deactivate cloudflare from siteground, it should allow me to see the cloudflare dns that i can add manually to my registrar, correct?

Thanks again

As much as I’m a fan of direct configuration through Cloudflare, I don’t think it’s going to help in your case. The magic in overcoming this is through Page Rules:

I have “Always Use HTTPS” enabled, and this still redirects in one hop:

No matter if they type in http or https for, it will redirect to in one hop.
If they type in, “Always Use HTTPS” will redirect to the https in one hop.

The * and $1 just pass along the path in case someone types it in.

Yes, I am considering going for a cloudflare configuration (regardless of the redirects). Just want to make sure I deactivate it properly on siteground

And wow thanks so much! I did not even know about Page Rules. Yes, I have “Enable HTTPS” on but from sitegrounds cpanel as well their optimization plugin.

Ill try to do this

And thank u so much for your fast response! I hope i can figure out how to directly configure cloudflare now.

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Oh no, I tried the page rules thing, but when I try it, the website says “The website redirected too many times”. Sigetrgounds cpanel has a similar option. I tried this yesterday there as well and I got the same error :frowning:

  1. Was your site using HTTPS before you enabled Cloudflare?
  2. Can you post a picture of your Page Rule?

EDIT: I just checked, and your site isn’t proxied by Cloudflare.

Yes, I am pretty sure I enabled HTTPS through siteground before cloudflare.

As for my cloudflare, it says it is active on sitegrounds cpanel. I think I should just try to do a direct configuration then?

Would you say “deactivating” from siteground, and then using the cloudflare dns is the way to go?

Sitegrounds chat is currenty inactive so I cannot ask them for a quick response.

Yep. That’s my preference. It already looks like you have a good SSL setup at Siteground. Just turn off any redirects they have there, and then deactivate their Cloudflare setup first.

I have enforce https enabled there. Should I turn that off as well. They have a “redirects” section which is empty but their “enforce https” section I have it turned on from cpanel as well as their optimization plugin.

Should I turn both those off or?

Best to disable enforce HTTPS as well. Cloudflare will handle that for you. I don’t know what their optimization plugin does, but turning it off won’t kill you.

Okay perfect. Do I have to check some option to enable https from cloudflare or is it automatic?

That should be my last question

I appreciate your help. You are a gentleman and a scholar!

The SSL/TLS section helps with this. Set SSL to Full (Strict), and then the Edge Certificates section will let you enable “Always Use HTTPS” and “Enable HTTPS Rewrites.”


Thank you :smiley:

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Sorry but just had another question.

Should I “Remove Site from Cloudflare” on cloudflare itself after deactivating cloudflare from siteground or just do the latter only.

Deactivate from Siteground, then see what happens. It might automatically Remove Site from Cloudflare.

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