Deligation part of domain to CloudFare

Dear community, hi!
I want to delegate 3-rd level zone to Cloudflare ( Is it possible to do?
I know that can set Cloudflare NS servers in my main DNS hoster, but the SOA record will not be created and it will not be not so proper by my vision.

Could you suggest how to do it proper?

No this is not possible. Changing the nameservers to CF is necessary.
At least to demonstrate domain control or ownership.

Some hosts offer an option to keep the company’s nameservers. 1&1 is one of them IIRC.

Thanks for your answer!

It is possible using a CNAME setup (Business plan or potentially partner as @MarkMeyer mentioned ) or using subdomain signup (Enterprise plan).

Where can I sing up for a product training? :joy:

I always assume that most of the users are on a free plan. ^^

Heh… if you find ot where to sign up for training, let me know. The amount of things I don’t know about Cloudflare still exceeds what I do know.

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