Deleting website

I just delete my website from Cloudflare from https to http, I did the proper roll back in my dns host servers. Now my website still pointing to https and is not accessible because the website is not secure and can not reach my website. Yes, you don’t have to guess is a WordPress website. I’ll appreciate any help with this issue.

If your site was set to just redirect to HTTPS then you should clear your browser cache first and see if that clears it up.

If you used the HSTS setting then that lasts much longer because its telling your (and your visitors) browser to only access the site over HTTPS. You’ll have to look at clearing the settings in your browser but that wont help your visitors.

Thank you for reply manigandam, I did all that already and I never activated HSTS, now is redirecting me to Goddady website. Its seems more a DNS problem, I need more light on this.

Thank you!!!

That’s a GoDaddy issue, since Cloudflare is no longer in control of the DNS they can’t do anything.

Note that transferring your DNS back to GoDaddy does not transfer over any custom server IP you had since godaddy doesn’t have that feature.

If you would like, you can re-add the website to Cloudflare and set your DNS to :grey:, so Cloudflare will only be your DNS provider and won’t do all the SSL/proxy stuff.

Thank you Judge!
I lost the website while it was on Cloudflare, and google stop seeing it when it went to https, that was when all my problem started. I submitted my new https url to google and bing but neither of both could reach any of the important files such as stemap and robots files. That’s when I try to get back to my old http url. Since godaddy sell (very expensive) SSL service they are uncooperative when its come to third parties, especially when those third parties are for free. I’m considering change my hosting service.

Thank you again!!

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