Deleting old SaaS SSL profile on ClickFunnels

I keep running into this issue when migrating domains from ClickFunnels to Shopify.

Both are Cloudflare partners using the SaaS SSL Cloudflare feature.

My domain is stuck redirecting to I believe this is due to the SaaS SSL profile for the domain not being properly deleted when the domain was removed from my ClickFunnels account.

The IP address is resolving correctly to Shopify servers ( but Cloudflare is serving a 302 redirect to Shopify also shows in the admin > Settings > Domain settings that the domain is connected to my Shopify account but SSL is pending (and has been that way for days).

I’ve contacted ClickFunnels technical support to delete the SaaS SSL profile but it’s taking several days. In the meantime, the domain is effectively down.

Can Cloudflare technical support delete the old profile for me to accelerate the fix?

Thank you!

Hi @user22892,

If Clickfunnels aren’t helping, Shopify should be able to get this sorted for you.

Shopify technical support was able to solve the issue.

I submitted a support request through Shopify admin panel. They understood the issue and were able to work with Cloudflare support to remove the conflicting SaaS SSL profile for the domain from Clickfunnels’ Cloudflare account in less than 24 hours.

Both Clickfunnels and Shopify support can solve the issue. Shopify just happened to respond faster than Clickfunnels in this case.

It would be great if Cloudflare added a feature for the domain owner to fix this themselves. Until then, the solution apparently requires submitting a ticket through Clickfunnels, Shopify, or Cloudflare (requires business plan) support.

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I believe this is being worked on.

The SaaS providers should be able to resolve this, if they can’t then it does have to go to Cloudflare Support but a specific plan is not required. It will be slower on Free plans but is possible.

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