Deleting API tokens

OK, I’m using a free cloudflare account and have 3 tokens I’m trying to delete. I’m completely befuddled on how to delete them. I’ve searched and somehow I’m just not comprehending what the info being asked for is. I cannot edit, view, etc. or anything these 3 tokens (I’d prefer to delete all 3 and start over).

Using the delete option on the right (under the 3 dots) doesn’t work. I google, and I come across multiple threads on this issue pointing to this page.

I know my auth email of course, but I can’t view them to get my api keys that I want to delete, nor do I even know what to do with them once I get them as that isn’t clearly explained.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated.



I think there’s a bug and something’s broken in the UI. The page just refreshes when I try to view or edit a token.

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It seems this has been going on a while as this thread shows the same problem from '22.

Are you still having a problem with this? This specific occurrence of the bug started way more recently, and there was an incident raised for it 9 hours ago: Cloudflare Status - Issue with managing API tokens
It should be resolved now, and I can no longer reproduce the same issue/I can delete API Tokens without any issue.

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