Deleting an account, but not a user account

We have 5 accounts in our account. (We need more words for things.) One of them has no sites in it and is not configured, and I want to remove it. However, all I can find are ways to delete a user account, which is not what I mean.

How do I accomplish this?

It’s probably a matter finding the right combination. But feel free to make something up.

This sounds like a Multi-User setup, and someone with no zones invited you to their account. If so, then this link covers how to revoke a member (you) from their empty account: Setting up Multi-User accounts on Cloudflare – Cloudflare Help Center

Ah… Organization is probably the best public facing translation. Contact your account team and tell them you want it gone. They’ll have you add a Cloudflarian to the org as a super admin and we’ll relieve you of your burden. Or rename it to ‘Dev Playground’ and use it for your folks to test new ideas in a safe(ish) space.


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