Deleting a zone

I’m playing with my API, and it added a zone but then failed to do some of the other stuff. I haven’t updated nameservers or anything, and it still shows “Pending” in the dashboard.

Am I going to experience any problems if I delete the zone and then run the bash script to add it again?

What if I do that a few times, is that OK?

If you do that once, it shouldn’t be an issue. “A few times” depends on “few”, at some point you will run into an error message.

Can you suggest where I might find any official rules on it? I honestly don’t know how many times it would take before I’m error free :open_mouth: And I don’t want to get my account disabled or something just because I’m testing too much.

There is no official number and that will also vary. I understand that you want to test that call, but that won’t require dozens of requests, so I guess with a few you should be still fine. Also use a test account maybe.

While the account might not get suspended itself, the domain might require action from support, however that could be across accounts.

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