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I am using a website builder groove to host a domain . But whenever I try to add a CNAME record its tells me that " an existing record A, AAAA, CNAME exists" hence I am unabe to add a CNAME record to host my website. I cannot even find that A record in my Groove dashboard . I checked with an online DNS checker and it shows two A records. Can someone please help me out. Thanks.

You’re probably trying to add a record for “@”, which is the same thing as “” (your domain).

If you need more assistance, please post a full screenshot of the entry you’re trying to add, and all the records below it. It’s ok to black out IP addresses and the main word of your domain name.

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Thanks for your reply sir. But I am adding my domain directly and pointing it correctly as per the website details provided. Please see the screenshot.There are no records in my dashboard, but when i check online through DNS checker, I find two A records. I think this is conflicting my entry.

You’ll have to check with Groove, then. The Cloudflare dashboard provides more information in situations like this.

Ok thanks. Will check with their support team.

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I have checked in Cloudfare dasboard too and unable to find the A records. Its completely empty. As the DNS is managed by Cloudfare is there a way to access the A records somehow. I believe deleting these records will solve the problem.

P.S I have not got any help from the Groove backend team on this.

I apologize for my unclear message. When I said that Cloudflare dashboard provides more info in situations like this, that’s when Cloudflare manages the DNS records. The picture you posted isn’t Cloudflare’s dashboard. So whatever that is, that’s where you need to handle DNS.

You didn’t post your domain name, so that’s all I can suggest on how your DNS records are managed.


Hi sdayman, thanks for your reply. The domain name is Really appreciate if in some way you can help. Thanks.

If you go to the bottom of your DNS page at, does it say that your name servers are Dora and Major?

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Yes It was Dora and Major but i had deleted the domain from Cloudfare as I was told that in 48 hours the A records gets deleted as its cached in the system . In my Go daddy , the NS are Dora and Major

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