Deleting a company domain hosted by cloudflare but made back in 2014

Hello all!

I need help! Back in 2014 the company I currently work with bought the domain a domain through Gandi and apparently it was hosted by Cloudflare, but later switched the server in recent years to Digital Ocean and created a whole new domain.

We’ve also changed any old email from [email protected] (which was the registered email) to [email protected], so accessing any passwords on the old email is impossible since the email no longer exists.

We would like to shut down the old server since there is a new domain hosted elsewhere. But we can’t access the server hosted by Cloudflare. & I can’t seem to create a support ticket.

Is there any direct email I can reach anyone at Cloudflare or any other suggestions for deleting this domain down?

Thank you all for your help!

Cloudflare doesn’t host servers. They are a proxy service that point to the actual host. The only hosting they offer are Workers/Pages which are for developers and mostly static sites.

What’s most likely is that they used Cloudflare in front of a server with a different provider.


Thank you so much for this info. Turns out it is just a static site with no servers involved, that was a misunderstanding on my part.

I guess I’ll try to hunt down a contact email for Cloudflare to shut that site down.

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