Deleted www in A record and now can't add www to cname

I deleted a WWW in an A record for my domain. Then I tried to add the WWW to a cname record and keep getting this error message:

An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists. For more details, refer to ['…`.](Code: 81053)

I see NO www record at all in my DNS records. I’ve cleared browser cache and logged out and in again.

Anything I am missing?

Hi there,

Sorry for the issues you are facing. That sounds very strange.

If you’re willing to share your domain name, I’m happy to take a look from Cloudflare’s side.

You definitely have no other www record configured of any record type (eg. NS records etc.) ?


Thanks for the offer Damian.

I must be blind. I deleted the WWW from the A record but never even noticed there were two more in AAAA records. Sheesh! Once I deleted them, everything went smoothly. LOL! Thanks again!

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No problem, glad you got it all resolved!