Deleted website still resolving www alias

I’ve deleted a website from cloudflare and changed the domain nameservers to point another provider but the www alias is still resolving the deleted website.

The domain is?

Your domain does use other nameservers, but these are still configured for Cloudflare addresses. You need to contact your host (or whomever maintains your DNS configuration) and clarify if these are the correct addresses or whether they should be changed.

I am using digital ocean and I can configure the DNS. What I’ve done currently is to create a CNAME record which is pointing the www alias to the root domain but still not working.

Yes, and the CNAME entry works properly, but your naked domain still points to Cloudflare. You need to verify your IP addresses with your host.

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The naked domain is pointing to the correct version. Both and are pointing to different sites and the first one is the correct.

It is pointing to Cloudflare addresses. Are you saying these are correct? Then the CNAME entry is right as well.

You may have to configure the web server to also accept request for “www” of course.

I changed the CNAME to point directly to the app and not the naked domain and it works fine now. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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