Deleted the domain after paying for the subscription

Hello, today we added the domain, for lack of knowledge after paying the tariff, we deleted the domain, after re-adding it, we thought that the tariff could be applied automatically, because it was already paid, but this did not happen and we paid it again. Please transfer the payment for the extension of the next month at our rate or make a refund of the extra month paid for the rate. For the future, we will keep in mind that when deleting a domain, the tariff must be paid again, although this is not correct and should not be so, we did not see or receive any warning about this, as well as when paying for the tariff, no information was written about it. Please credit the second payment for the extension or make a refund, thank you

What is the domain @ivankhitrov90? I don’t see any form of payment nor invoices on your account. But, to answer your question, when you canceled a prorated credit is applied to your account. When you re-add a service, you are charged in the first month and the credit is used for the next month.


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