Deleted Subdomain still recorded on cloudflare (returning 526 code)

A few weeks ago I had my host delete my subdomain ( from my main domain ( but it still shows up on google searches, when clicked on it shows a 526 code but that it is working on Cloudflare.
Please help me, how do i get rid of it?

Delete the related record from your Cloudflare panel.

How do I do that?

Sorry for such a noob question


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Login to your Cloudflare account and find NS records under DNS tab

Then delete your subdomain (in example picture: autodiscover is a subdomain)


Is it the one marked dev?

Yes. Click on X at the right side of it.

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Done, thanks.
Will that remove it from everywhere? If so, how long does it usually take?
Really appreciate your help.

If your concern is Google, I don’t know but for DNS part, at most couple of hours.



Take it easy.


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