Deleted page is still accessible from somewhere

I’m using Cloudflare Pages to build out a static Astro.js website out of a Payload CMS. The domain is not migrated to Cloudflare (client does not want to do so), so we’re only using CNAME on www subdomain.

After deleting a page, the page is not being built during the build, as I can see from the logs. But, it is:

  • not accessible from the internal deployment URL
  • not accessible from the domain while using US Proton VPN - delivered from
  • accessible from the domain while using my native Czech IP address - delivered from

Why is the page still accessible from one of the servers? I suppose there is something wrong…

We’re talking about he following URL: (still accessible, at least from my location) (correctly 404)

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

There’s a retention cache - Serving Pages · Cloudflare Pages docs

Since you keep hitting the page, you’re keeping the cache alive. The absolute max it’ll be around for is a week but without traffic, it’ll be gone way before that.


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