Deleted My Page, But Domain Keeps Deploying Information


I had one of my pages deployed to my domain and needed to change it.

So I deleted the pages and also erased all the information.

Now, my domain is showing a irregular info about the previous page and not accepting the new page I redirected into it.

I do not want it to show anything at all regarding the deleted page but it keeps showing that.

What do I do please?

If you have deleted the Pages Project, it should no longer be served. It sounds like you may have a browser cache or something that’s still serving the old content. Can you share the URL / to your project?

There’s no active DNS for that domain:

So yes, it sounds very much like you simply have a cache that’ll expire in due time. You can try flushing your DNS cache, etc. if you want to verify.

Thanks much, I will try that and get back

I have purged the cache but still the same. Not sure what to do next