Deleted my DNS records by mistake

Yesterday I deleted my DNS records by mistake, including the email records that pointed to the ESP my client uses.
Now i pointed the A record to my server’s IP address and the website is back online, but I don’t know the records for the email and I don’t know how to revert my DNS changes back to yesterday.

I created a ticket 2 hours ago on cloudflare but no one replied back to me.
So is there anyway to retrieve my deleted DNS records from yesterday ?

Thanks a lot for you help guys

Those changes, including the values you deleted, will be in the Audit Log at the top of

I checked the audit log and (Rec Del) is there, when i click expand and check old value I don’t really understand how the record used to be

“Content”: “”,
“Id”: “e4f9599c09c8b6d709f95323b459befe”,
“Name”: “domainname”,
“Priority”: 0,
“Proxied”: false,
“Ttl”: 1800,
“Type”: “MX”,
“Zone id”: “c8ad41a841be5876a863f7ebd995801a”,
“Zone name”: “domainname

Like this one I do understand the the record name = but where is it pointing ?

That’s an MX record for “Name” that points to “Content”

So to restore it back it will become something like this
after clicking on add record:
Type = MX
Name = domainname
Mail server =
TTL= auto

And do the same for the other deleted records as well, right ?

Correct. It should become more intuitive as you go through the process.

Thanks a lot bro you saved my life … much appreciated

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