Deleted MX Records Not Removed

Several people are complaining that emails sent to me are not delivering.

The issue started when I added some MX records from Mailgun to my Cloudflare DNS settings. Within 5 minutes, I removed the MX records thinking changes will propagate as expected. Weeks later, the removed MX records are still with Cloudflare DNS. This is an example: MX Lookup - Check MX Records of Domain.

It’s also frustrating that Cloudflare isn’t allowing me to submit a direct support ticket for an issue which is directly their fault. I’m not a complete free user. I’m paying for several individual products from Cloudflare. I should not have to upgrade to a hefty 200$/month plan just to a submit a critical DNS ticket.

The only MX record for is pointing at your proxied Hostgator record (which is pointing at Cloudflare, so mail won’t deliver).

You will need to set the MX record to point at the Hostgator mail IP address directly.

dig +short mx
dig +short

Mailgun is only mentioned in your SPF record, there are no MX records pointing to it. is proxied as well so if you use that for mail delivery or connecting your client, change it to DNS only.


Thank you @sjr. I’ve made the relevant records DNS only. Though I was getting emails from other providers, emails from Gmail which weren’t delivering are being delivered now.

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