Deleted domain then added it back shows old nameserver IP

I moved hosting companies and Before I moved hosts I deleted the domain from Cloudflare. Then added it back to CF after the move was complete. But various Web sites that check DNS still show Cloudflare as having the old nameserver IP. See:

Thanks for any help

If you removed and re-added the zone to your same account, you were probably assigned the same name servers. What behavior are you expecting that you’re not seeing?

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Isn’t there away to remove from CF?

See this:

Hi @LeMarque,

That IP address is Cloudflare’s IP and will show if Cloudflare is proxying your site.

That is a Cloudflare IP, so no. What problem are you solving for?

Just flag me as a “box of rocks”. I was so used to seeing my old nameserver IP’s and this one looked so close, I just ASSumed.


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