Deleted domain from Cloudflare now my site crashed completely and cannot access Wordpress anymore


Hello everyone,

I hope to receive urgent help.
anted to take my site off of Cloudflare because I wanted it to run completely with Slackpath.

I deteled the domain from Cloudflare as I thought this was the quickest way.

Now my website: isn’t accessible anymore and I also cannot access Wordpress anymore.

As Cloudflare has no own support, I hope to receive your urgent help

Kind regards



They do, but I am afraid that error is not related to Cloudflare. Your nameservers do not point Cloudflare any longer but presumably to your host. You will need to contact your host in this regard.



I contacted my host.
However they told me that my site doesn’t run on their side.
Therefore, they cannot help me.
I’d have to contact cloudflare.


I dont know who your host is but your nameservers point to and whatever there is configured is whom you have to contact.

There is no connection to Cloudflare at this point. Either contact your host or whomever configured the entries at

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