Deleted domain from cloudfare but still using cloudfare dns

I have deleted my domain from cludfare but still its using cloudfare dns and proxy and showing old data of website.What should i do to fix it .Please suggest.

What exactly is it you want to fix? If you removed it from Cloudflare you presumably dont want to use Cloudflare, hence move the nameservers away from it too. Done.

Thats what i am asking from where to remove to remove cloudfare nameserver is it inside cloudfare panel?

Same place where you added them. On your registrar’s side.

Whats your domain?
I did not add cloudfare nameserver anywhere i just added cloudfare cdn app in wordpress website then it stopped showing changes in website so i deleted that app and removed my domain from cloudfare account.But when i checked online its still using cloudfare dns

Please check it out this link
Please tell how to fix it.

Well, you must have added the nameservers, otherwise Cloudflare wouldnt work. And yes, the nameservers are set. Your registrar is “T.H.NIC Co., Ltd.”. You need to change the nameservers with them, if it is unclear how you best contact them.

should i call hosting server team or cloudfare team for this?

Cloudflare is not involved at all here. You need to contact your registar. Contact whomever you are paying for the domain.

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