Deleted DNS Entry Still Resolving

I registered a wildcard subdomain on a domain I manage with Cloudflare. I added an AAAA record for * I enabled the proxy option. I then deleted that entry and do not want all subdomains to resolve to Cloudflare’s proxy. It’s causing issues for other things I’m doing which is a really long story.

Any way, I guess I can’t contact them because I have a free account. How do I remove that record since I’ve already deleted it. It’s been over 24 hours and it still resolves any subdomain to two Cloudflare IPs.

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Do you have a wildcard A record?

Yes I do. Does that somehow automatically provide AAAA record?

If you have a proxied A or AAAA record, Cloudflare will publish both A and AAAA Cloudflare IP addresses so if you only have an IPv4 or only IPv6 origin, the proxy will allow clients to use either.

If there is some reason you specifically want to disable IPv6 while using the proxy, Enterprise customers can turn off IPv6 with a switch in the dashboard. Otherwise you can use the API to do the same.

Thanks. That seems silly. If I wanted an AAAA record, I would create it. I do have a specific need to disable the AAAA wildcard record. If I find the API to disable IPv6, is it all? Meaning can I have specific records created but disable wildcard resolution?

Most users benefit from having IPv4 and IPv6 at the edge even if they only have an IPv4 origin. Helps drive adpotion.

Yes, it disables IPv6 for the whole zone, see…

Other options for IPv4 only:

  • set the subdomain to “DNS only” for the A record but that will bypass Cloudflare for that subdomain
  • have another domain name on Cloudflare for IPv4 only functions and redirect to it (I do this on a free account)
  • for an Enterprise account, use a subdomain setup and disable IPv6 for that (we do this for the one application for which we need it)

So how does that work if I have no IPv6 on origin? It does some translation? A client sends a request to the IPv6 of Cloudflare, and Cloudflare in turn sends that request to my IPv4 origin server?


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