Deleted A Record By Mistake, How To I Find The One I Was Using Previously?

I deleted my A record and I cannot remember what it is, is there any way to recover this?

You can find the proper IP address at the provider where your site is hosted. They usually have their own complete set of DNS records.

There’s also a chance you’ll find it on the dashboard under your Audit Log. It’s a link at the top of the Dashboard page. Look at the event where you deleted the record. It might show you what you deleted.

Thanks @sdayman. I found it. I am now getting “error establishing a database connection”. That’s why I tried to change the A record firs. Any idea what the issue might be?

Your app is probably trying to connect to a non-existent database server.

You most likely have to edit your database config file to use ‘localhost’ for the server instead of whatever is there now.

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