Deleted a Cloudflare Tunnel with a Hostname Configured - Cannot connect to that host name on a new tunnel

I deleted a tunnel with a configured public hostname This left the CNAME record in my domain’s DNS settings as I did not delete the hostname prior to deleting the tunnel.

When attempting to set up a on a different tunnel, it first gave me an error saying the CNAME record already existed. I deleted the CNAME record in my dashboard and proceeded to configure the hostname in the tunnel.

Unfortunately, when I navigate to I am treated to an error that I cannot connect to that server. If I reconfigure the hostname in the tunnel to and make no changes to the service settings it works just fine. This leads me to believe it is not a configuration issue, but there are some gremlins left within Cloudflare’s servers that are still looking for the original (and now deleted) Cloudflare tunnel configured that held

What recourse do I have besides giving up on that hostname?

Have you manually edited your CNAME to [Tunnel UUID]
This could be the easiest option.