Delete website with pro account. How can I get back my pro account?

I had delete my website with Cloudflare pro subscription by mistake. I have added the website after that with free plan. How can I reinstate pro subscription for that website?

By the removal you explain, the plan would have been cancelled, and a pro-rata sum of the unused period should have been credited to your account balance, which should show up here:

If we take an example that you currently have a credit balance of $12 on your account, the procedure would be:

  1. Create your desired plan (e.g. Pro, $25) right now.

  2. You will be charged the full price for the plan (e.g. Pro, $25) right now.

  3. At the next time you need to make a payment, you will be charged the price of the plan (e.g. Pro, $25), but minus the $12 you have on your account, so in total you would be charged $13 here.

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But I have not received any credit on my account yet.