Delete unused accounts?

I have two free accounts I would like to delete.

  1. I created an account for a client I work for, however due to some odd setup they have, I will not be able to use the cloudflare services. I never set up their website info in the account, so all I have is a cloudflare account with my email address. I want to delete this account.

  2. I would like to delete an account I have for a former client who no longer has a website. Thus no need for the account.

Why is deleting an account so hard to do? I click the link for support and it simply sends me back to the forum.

Hi @sire.webmaster, you do need to ask Support to remove the accounts, they’ll ask bunch of confirming questions to ensure you have the data you need going forward, and then they’ll remove the account(s). But, the removal needs to be requested from the account owner, it’s not something you can do on their behalf.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login to the account you want removed & go to and select get more help at the bottom of the page, blue box.

Well that didn’t work:

API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/accounts/32ea09c293449c293bf6a3f6c35bb508/support/ticket/create (500)

Seriously, WHY is this so hard to do?

that seems a server error, most likely temporary. It’s hard because they won’t allow the creation of another account with the same e-mail address after you delete it.

+1, yes that is the case. But, if you’d like the accounts removed please just email from the account to If you are a Cloudflare account holder, please submit a new support request from the email address you used to register your Cloudflare account. You should open a ticket directly through the Cloudflare dashboard following these steps: 1. Log in to your Cloudflare account and click on “Support” in the top right corner, from the drop down select Help Center. 2. Click on your name in the top right corner, and in the drop down menu select “My activities” where you will see your existing requests. 3. Scroll to the bottom of the “My Requests” page and click “Submit a request”. from the email address associated with the accounts. Support will respond asking you to verify some details. If you receive an automatic reply first, reply back confirming you’d like to have the account removed at which point Support will ask you the questions and then remove the account. You cannot do this on behalf of another user.

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I created the account. Therefore it seems I should be able to delete the account. I submitted a ticket a second time to support after again logging into my account. STILL, I get an error:

API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/accounts/32ea09c293449c293bf6a3f6c35bb508/support/ticket/create (500)

So again I have to ask, WHY is this so hard. I GIVE UP! It’s just a waste of my time to try.

This is really strange. Send an e-mail directly as @cloonan suggested, that works for sure.

And emailing support gets me this email response:

Cloudflare Support Team (Bot) (Cloudflare)

Dec 12, 7:38 AM PST

Hi there,

In order to reach the Cloudflare Technical Support team, please open a ticket directly through the Cloudflare dashboard.

Just nevermind…

:flushed: that’s extremely strange. Let’s wait for @cloonan to wake up!

If you scroll down in the email, further instructions are included.
This is an automated response. If you need further assistance, simply reply to this email to reach a Cloudflare Technical Support Engineer.

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