Delete the siteground's DNS

My website uses siteground’s host which has default DNS. Should I delete all of the record below in siteground when I use cloudfalre?


You shouldn’t need to touch anything in Siteground DNS. If you’re using Cloudflare DNS, then those records will be ignored.

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If I may just add my recent experience from a day ago, I moved 4 domains from SiteGround to Cloudflare (were on a Business Plan / Hosting).

Only the thing what I did in the process of adding domains to Cloudflare account was I checked if any of the DNS records was suddenly missing.

As far as none was missing, and all of the DNS records were there as they should be, correct, I just confirmed and proceed to the last step :slight_smile:

Later on, I am still waiting for all four of them in terms of a regular DNS propagation time-frame to finish it’s work :wink:

Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 05-07-55 Account Cloudflare - Web Performance Security

Please, do not do it. As @sdayman already stated too.

I would keep them there “as-is”.

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thanks so much.

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OK, I’ll ignore them.

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