Delete the credit card and refund issues

Because don’t want to use cloudflare paid features, so want to cancel the subscription, but cancel prompt unable to cancel, and then suggest late 200 dollars, but I paid $200 I still can’t delete a credit card, want to return the $200 and to cancel the credit card, hope to be able to reply to how to operate.

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I don’t know what you just wrote → English, but refunds are completely covered by the link I just posted.

Hello, I can now buy domain name demotion processing, have bought have favorable after service and is not automatically relegated, credit card won’t fasten the fee right?

If you switch from a paid to the free plan, you won’t be charged on further renewals, but the current period won’t be refunded of course. You’ll still have all the paid features until the current period expires upon which the plan will switch to free and you won’t be charged any more.

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Ok, thank you very much, I understand

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