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For a couple of days, I noticed some of Cloudflare’s remote addresses listed in the request headers were redirecting my website requests to
Today, I removed Cloudflare’s nameservers and used Ezoic’s nameservers instead.

The issue has been fixed but I noticed some of the requests are still passing through Cloudflare. This is causing some of the requests to be redirected to

Please when I delete the site from Cloudflare will the requests stop passing through Cloudflare?

Ezoic completely propagated the integration around 12:00 pm and as of 8:00 pm am still seeing some of the requests going through Cloudflare.


It shouldn’t. The main problem is DNS cache.

You may need to wait up to 48h after changing your nameservers for everything to be propagated correctly.

Restarting your devices and even your router may also help speeding up this process.

Could you please explain this issue in more detail? Maybe we are able to solve it…

Hope it helps!

This was the original question but I couldn’t get any help.

Hi, lately I’ve noticed some parts of my WordPress website redirect to When I checked the request headers, I noticed the remote address causes the requested URL to redirect to

In the request headers, I can see 302 (from disk cache).

The other parts of the website that make the request to the remote address have no issue.


  1. I deactivated all my security plugins but the issue persisted
  2. I deleted my .htaccess file and used the default one that comes with WordPress yet the issue persisted.
  3. Am using the Litespeed server with CyberPanel installed.
  4. My VPS server is provided by Vultr

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