Delete site for domain registered on cloudflare


Some months ago I transfered my domain ( to cloudflare registrar and I’ve been strugling since that.

When you add a new site to cloudflare dashboard, it automatically get all the DNS records and automatically update cloudflare dns tables and all you need to do is change your original nameservers to nameservers.

Righ now I want to change the actual hosting of to another host provider but I can’t do it because I don’t know how to automatically change dns tables from original host to the new host.

How do I get to that automatic process when the domain is registered with cloudflare? What happen if I delete the site from the dashboard and try to re-add it via “add a new site” option.

Do I loose the domain registered with cloudflare? is there any way to use it like any other domain vendor using nameservers from host?

Is there any tutorial paradise for cloudflare registered domains?

I’m thinking on transfering back my domain from cloudflare to original domain registrar, there is too much trouble with cloudflare panel.

Could any one help me please?

oh, don’t do that. You can edit your dns records to point to the new host. It’s easy, these #Tutorials will walk you through, post if you have questions along the way, Adding DNS Records

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Thank you Cloonan

I see this tutorial as a better one for my actual problem but still some questions missing
Moving to a new host

Thank you for your “don’t delete it” advice.

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Please post your questions as they come up, especially if there are tuneups that will help the tutorial

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