Delete second account listing on my account page

I was granted temporary access to another user’s account so I could help with configuration.

I no longer have access it.

But, their account still shows as a selection on my Account homepage.

How do I remove it?

Hi @accounts16, if they’ve removed you from the account, you shouldn’t see the listing. What happens if you click it?

I had received an email saying that I had been removed from that account.
So had not tried to access again.

Clicked it and I do have access. I don’t know if that is just to view or can change things, didn’t try.

So maybe they changed their minds, don’t know, but will ask.
Thank you!!!

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Thank you. Am curious if the email was from your contact saying we removed you or was it generated by the system (curious as the first I understand; the second, I need to get fixed!).

It was from them, which is what makes this a little disturbing.
I suppose I should contact them and let them know I still have access.

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