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I already have a domain set up in Cloudflare. I have another domain that I wanted to add as well. I logged in to Cloudflare and entered my new domain name and then before selecting a plan or doing anything else, I recalled problems that I encountered with my SSL certificate the first time I tried setting up a domain on Cloudflare. I contacted my web hosting provider (SiteGround) and they told me that the aforementioned problems with SSL certificates had been fixed and that all I needed to do was click one button in my SiteGround account and my new domain would be added to Cloudflare with all the settings properly configured. When I clicked that button I received an error message that said my new domain’s DNS is hosted by Cloudflare and that if I wanted to switch to I must first deactivate and then delete my new domain within Cloudflare and to do so in the Settings menu. The problem is that I don’t have access to a settings menu as I have not selected a plan or configured anything on Cloudflare. How can I delete this partially set up new domain so that I can get it properly setup through my SiteGround account? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Most if us are customers like you are. Sure, here’s Cloudflare staff around but in this particular case I’d strongly recommend to open a support ticket.

I guess the staff members here will will request a ticket id as well as they need to verify you as the account owner.

In the meanwhile I’d try to add the domain again within the dashboard. If it works, delete it afterwards.

I submitted support ticket ID # 1529786. I am concerned about how long it will take someone at Cloudflare to fix this, in the meantime, my domain is in limbo.

You made the following comment: “In the meanwhile I’d try to add the domain again within the dashboard. If it works, delete it afterwards.” Are you suggesting that I select a plan for the new domain in Cloudflare to try to finish setting it up and then delete the domain from the service afterward? If so, will that cause problems when I attempt to come back and set the same domain up with Cloudflare but this time through SiteGround?

I am puzzled why Cloudflare changed my DNS settings before I even finalized what plan I wanted to sign up for.


I would not think so, but you still might want to confirm this with Cloudflare.

Changed your DNS settings? Whats your domain? My understanding is because your signup did not finish, the domain is currently in that kind of limbo you mentioned, and hence cant be added again.

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Regarding confirming with Cloudflare, I am not an Enterprise customer so I can’t get confirmation from them and would need to wait for them to respond to my ticket.
My domain is When I log into Cloudflare, it shows that this domain is not active and still needs to be Setup. That being said, when I look at the audit log I see where they have already made DNS changes for the domain, hence my error message from SiteGround.

Currently your site is not on Cloudflare’s nameservers, so yes, they didnt change that bit but it likely is really just a reservation sort of thing.

I’d try to finish the setup and then remove the site from Cloudflare. Even though I cant give you a guarantee :wink: I dont think you should have problems re-adding it later.

I am hesitant to try to finish the setup and then remove the site from Cloudflare given that I can’t be sure that I won’t run into problems when trying to add it back. I really need to get this domain on Cloudflare and hopefully sooner than later. The ideal scenario would be for someone from support at Cloudflare just to go in and delete the domain (which likely wouldn’t take more than 5 seconds). Does anyone have an idea of how long it will take support to even look at my ticket? Is there any way to expedite the support? (I would even be willing to pay for it)

If it is a free plan it could take some time.

Maybe @ryan can have a look into it.

Hi there,

I responded on your ticket but in case others come across this thread, you need to complete the setup process for a domain in order to delete it from your account. There should be no issues adding a domain back onto your account after it’s been previously deleted.

Additionally, for the security of our customers Cloudflare employees cannot make configuration changes on behalf of the customer, including deleting partially set up domains. We can only explain how to make the changes. This policy protects from any accidental or inadvertent changes being made.

Hope this helps!

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So I went back in on Cloudflare and continued the process to finish setting up the account. I got to the point where it wanted me to change my nameservers to point to Cloudflare. I didn’t really want to do that since I was just going to delete the account anyway so I just continued on past that point without changing my nameservers. I got to a page where it was in pending status waiting for that change to occur and I clicked on the Advanced button and was able to delete the domain from Cloudflare. After that, Cloudflare did not show any record of it. I waited about 15 minutes or so and went back into my SiteGround account and clicked on the button to add my new domain to Cloudflare and my new domain is now configured and shows active on Cloudflare.
My thanks to Mark, Sandro, and Andy for helping me resolve this.


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