Delete old account so we can use email for new account

We set up an account for a client, using a temporary email and intending to change that email to the client’s email once everything was working.

Turns out the client already has an empty Cloudflare account under that email, so we can’t change our account to use that email.

Should we just delete/close the empty account, and will that free up the email so we can then use it for our account? Is there anything special to do to close an account? I don’t see an obvious link to do so.

I’d rather not move/transfer domains. We set up quite a few and it was a painful enough process that we’re looking for a simple solution - i.e. just change the email on the account we created.

Hi @saferchemicals,

Unfortunately, once a Cloudflare account has been created using an email address, even if that account is deleted, the email address cannot be used on another account.

This is detailed at:

How about if we change the email on the destination account to some other email? E.g. it was [email protected], change it to [email protected]. Will that allow us to then change email on the source account from [email protected] to [email protected]? Or is [email protected] forever locked once it’s been used at all?

I didn’t expect it to work, but I just created two test accounts and the following worked:

  • test1 and test2 created
  • test2 renamed to test3
  • system allows renaming of test1 to test2

So it appears this should work for you!

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