Delete namespace is a very dangerous action


Deleting a namespace deletes all KV pairs in the Workers KV store. An accidental delete could potentially wipe out an entire company. IMO this action must be delayed with warning emails being sent.


I have been told rm / is a really cool command :wink:


For best practices approach, I use different combinations:
redis + cf kv
couchdb + cf kv


The full command is: rm -rf /

You might need to run it as admin using sudo as: sudo rm -rf /


Thats why it wasnt working. Let me try it straight away. Thanks!


Store it in both external db and kv? O_o


Backup purposes, what is relevant only.
For example user sessions only in Cloudflare KV.


Obviously whatever one puts in the KV Store should be replicated elsewhere for safety’s sake.

That said, does Cloudflare have/not-have a way to recover a deleted KV Store?
One would hope they are doing client/customer backups as well.



Paul, I disagree. KV Store is not what the name suggests. It’s not like memcached but rather a persistent database like Google Datastore or Dynamo. Therefore CF should worry for backing up the data, and therefore there should also be measures in place to prevent accidental delete.

NB: I do back up all data as you suggest. :slight_smile:


Had a call with Cloudflare today and brought all of these issues to their attention. They were appreciative, and we brainstormed possible solutions/approaches. Keep your fingers crossed. :slight_smile:


I’d even consider paying for backups as an addon if it’s a considerable investment for CF, it’s super important.