Delete MX Record?

I want my web hosting provider to handle my email (not Cloudflare) due to an increase in Spam.
Is it OK to delete the MX Record(s) from the DNS sections on all my Cloudflare sites or is the MX record necessary for my website to work on Cloudflare?

You need that MX record. Cloudflare is not a host, so DNS is there to point to the actual server.

Thanks for that - but what is the MX pointing to right now?
It says "mail handled by “ 0 Automatic”
If I want to change it to and my IP address how could I do that?
Maybe add a new MX record and then delete the old one?

Delete the old and add a new, or just edit the current one. Makes no difference as long as you end up with just the one(s) you want and not any more.

Also make sure that the MX target (e.g. is not proxied by Cloudflare - i.e. the DNS entry in your dashboard must be GREY cloud. not ORANGE cloud. If this doesn’t already exist then you must create that as an A record with the correct IP as well (and remember: grey cloud).

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Thanks so much for that detailed explanation.
Grey Cloud it is!
Much appreciated!

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