Delete Loadbalancer Pool


I have a load balancer with multiple pools. Now I want to delete one pool.

First I removed it from the loadbalancer. Then I clicked on manage pools and wanted to delete it, but I receive an error.

This object is referenced by other objects, delete them first. (Code: 1005). The pool is not used in any loadbalancer.

Any idea what might be happening? Have you seen a similar issue? Is it maybe just a caching problem, because I just removed the pool from the loadbalancer, meaning it might take a couple hours until I can delete the pool?

Thanks in advance,

Make sure the pool is not in use in other LBs on any domains in your account.

Thanks for the answer. As far as I can see, the pool is not used in any LBs on any domain in my account.

Hmm I think I see which pool you are referring to. You might try logging out and back in again. If that doesn’t resolve it, you may want to open a ticket with support and authorize them to try and delete it on your behalf.

Thanks, I contacted the support and with the help of the backend engineers we were able to solve the issue.

The reason for the issue was that I used geo steering earlier and configured the pool for a certain region there. Then I switched to dynamic steering some time ago. Now the pool was still held in one of the geographic regions, but It wasn’t shown in the UI anymore.

The solution was to switch back to geo steering, delete the uses of the pool there and go back to dynamic steering.


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