Delete github instance to replace with CF pages?


greetings all,

Trying to delete an old github repo [?] I had a go at setting up with Cloudfare last year.


I want to switch to using Cloudflare pages directly from Publii, as raised here, instead of via Github repo [?] to simplify publication production.

Site here: cookislandspress org

Not sure if it’s because I’ve just registered the site with Cloudflare i.e. wait 24-48 hours for propagation?

Hopefully answered my own question!

For now, even after deleting my Github account under this name: cookislandspress, Cloudflare still serves up that github result.

Steps to reproduce:
Checked in private windows, cache cleared, in edge, chrome and firefox. Latest Win10 updates, complete bleachbit scan removed 5.6gb ■■■■ today - but not history.

What I expected to happen:
Github repo would disappear and an option to utilise Cloudfare pages as described in Publii support files: “Configure Cloudflare pages with publii”

Edit: having reread the above support file I think I may have misunderstood. Am I now correct that there is no direct port from Publii to Cloudflare Pages - that I need Github or Google Cloud or similar?

Or can I produce pages in Publii, export as html, and upload manually?

Better yet, sftp or similar?

If I understand your problem correctly, you are trying to go from github pages to publii, if so, then follow the steps that are shown is later and and finally make sure you read them before doing the steps

There is no direct way of publii to Cloudflare, the only way is to make the publications, upload them to github, for which the program already has support and Cloudflare Pages does the job, however, being a static site it can be loaded directly in Cloudflare pages following them Instructions of

The third problem involves Cloudflare pages, the project is still visible even if you delete the repository since Cloudflare pages makes a copy of the content for CI / CD, if I am not mistaken and according to the documentation, why would I have to create another project and assign the custom domains and that Cloudflare does not have support to switch from one repository to another

Regarding the last question, the closest thing would be using Wrangler CLI
Cloudflare pages does not support FTP SFTP or the like

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Thanks Deus,

much too fiddly for this noob, gave it all a try but still confused, so went back to my old stand-by google’s blogger.

Hopefully next time!