Delete domains added to cloudflare

can I delete the domain that I add to cloudflare? If yes how can do that?

Did you add it by NameServers or by moving to CloudFlare as a registrar?
Anyway in both ways would give you an option to delete/move

1. NameServer setup:
just change back the NameServer to the original ones, then remove the page from your Dashboard like this:

2. CloudFlare as a registrar:
generate the Auth code of your Domain and move it to any other registrar.
You can do it like this:

Note that some Domains do have a grace period. For example .com domains.

Just to add, Enterprise domains cannot be removed from the Dashboard. You need to get your CSM to downgrade the domain to a Free plan, and then use the procedure @M4rt1n described.


Thank you so much for the help

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