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Sorry am new to this forum and have a question. We had an old website which is no longer valid and DNS record was removed from Cloudflare. However the DNS we just discovered that if you go this site DNS instead it redirected you to a gaming site how can that be possible? Does Cloudflare backup DNS records?


Do you still own the domain? If so, then someone may have access to your registrar account. If you don’t own the domain, then someone probably purchased it.


Do you mean going directly to the IP address? If so, then that’s normal, as many sites on the same server share the same IP address. And that gaming server is the default site for that IP address.


yea I still own the domain, but how can that happen checked logs on the Cloudflare and cant notice any delete record or changes


If the domain was removed from Cloudflare either automatically or manually, then there is no way to bring back your old DNS config.

To just regain control for now and re-configure your domain later, you should re-add your website to make sure it no longer redirects to the betting/gambling/etc website. Make sure to remove any DNS records or IP addresses you don’t recognize.


nope, it going to a completely different IP address


What does this mean to begin with?

If you removed the domain from Cloudflare Clouflare is completely out of the picture at this point.

What is the domain?

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