Delete Cloudflare account

How can I delete my CloudFlare account entirely?

I just signed up a few minutes ago to ask a question about an Error I get when accessing a website I have used for many years. I searched before posting and the community response to everyone else is to contact the website directly to try and get unblocked.

Now I know what the recommendation is that and that CloudFlare cannot do anything to help me I would like to delete my account, entirely, so that my email address and anything else that may have been saved is permanently deleted.

Thank you for your assistance with this and the posts explaining what to do about the error I received.

Hi @elmalo,

Thank you for searching for the information you needed, and I’m glad you managed to understand the issue.

Here is the info:

Thank you for the response and the link.

Unfortunately the link in that location,, for contacting support, does not work, error “404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.”. Can you please resolve that?

I would also like clarification regarding the statement on that page that states “Once the account is canceled, Cloudflare cannot reactivate the original email address for your account. If you decide to use Cloudflare again, you will need a different email address to set up the new account.”

This means that you do not entirely delete all of my information and that you maintain, at the very least, the single most important piece of information that I wish you to delete.

I await clarification regarding those two points.

Thank you,

That link does work, just tested it myself.

About the email I don’t know. It’s also possible they keep an hash of the email and not the actual email. That is something you would need to ask support about as we are not employees.

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I tried it again and it still gives the same 404 error message, so although I thank you for your response it does not assist :frowning:

After looking around for a while trying to find another way of getting to the same place. I ended up clicking on “Support”, “Helpcentre”, “Submit a request”, “Get more help”. And made my request there.

That would have been my next proposed path… it does seem weird that the link doesn’t work, but alas it’s like that. Glad you got the request in.

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